Are you effing serious?;
Joha. 22. Emotionally attached to fictional characters. I want my own Alex Karev. Cristina Yang and Santana Lopez are my spirit animals. Currently obsessed with Orphan Black.


have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

Sorry. I’m Emily Thorne, and it’s simply a party. After what the Graysons put us through, don’t you think we deserve one?

"You could have known the truth. You could have reunited with your sister and prevented her so much pain, but instead you chose revenge.”


that one character that you’re like “do i love this character or am i this character?”

"and if i am this character, why hasn’t someone stopped me?”




I Should’ve Saved That Gif When I Had The Chance Because Now I Can’t Find It: The Musical

Put that thing back on my dashboard or so help me: A Sequel

I Googled a Really Random Description of the Gif Just to Find It But Nothing Showed Up So Now I’m Really Mad: A Trilogy